Poems of Light Sleep: 27th July 2020

Evening of blue polish,
pink hollyhock.

Golden footsteps,
reach the trees.

Thin shadows,
summer fields.

Picking the fruit,
from yesterday.

Small figures,
in the distance.

A shoe hovers,



Blindfolded lilies,
fish beneath.

The afternoon passes
a wading heron.

Engraved on a memorial
and dreamt by picnickers.

Under the trees, on the shore,
ducks sleep with one eye open.



Summer rain,
night time.


Midnight pool,
clock hands.

Wind it up,
wind it up.

We are.

Night curtains
on night walking.

Rain and wind outside.



Author: Workers' Archive

Covering sensitivity at work and beyond on my website: https://samuelaliblog.wordpress.com/

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