A Conversation at the Train Station

The following is based on a conversation that I heard at a train station. Jay

Two women in their fifties arrive on the small suburban train station platform. One is short with a distant smile on her face. She is wearing a light brown rain jacket and black trousers. The other, is tall, wearing a long fur coat that reaches down to her ankles and on her head, she wears a similarly coloured brown Russian-style fur hat. She is wearing bright lipstick and dark mascara under furrowed brows. She looks only ahead. They arrive together through the late 19th century train station building of light brown brick onto the platform.

“Perfecto,” the tall woman says, turning to her left to see the ticket machine.

They buy their tickets and make their way to the platform bridge, a large roofed structure. The tall woman in her long fur coat leads by a few steps and the shorter woman follows with the distant smile on her face as she looked at the few faces of strangers on this quiet mid-day Saturday.

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