‘Unknown’ by Amaninder Kaur Khatkar

Time for the subconscious to awaken,
to step into the unknown.
It’s too easy to sleep inside your comfort
zone. While a soft pillow soaks
in all your dreams,
the morning stretches for that something,
just to figure out what it all means.
Those tense moments that tie
you up with an elastic band
gives you an insight and to see
the colour of your aura,
look at the lines on your hand.
Red, green, indigo, blue…
Why let a colour define you?
Your name is non-fiction
and this contradiction
is the base of your route.
Look closer at the stars,
don’t divert your attention
or you shall be

From Ink’s Shadow by Amaninder Kaur Khatkar


Object by Amaninder Kaur Khatkar

I pray for rain, too afraid
to give her a name. She pulls
the rainbow over her like
a cotton blanket.

His orders are tattooed across
the four walls. Her ounce of belief
is smacked and for her to stand
gives him a reason to repeat.

What colour is the future?

Look up her right
sleeve and you will see it all.
Cotton wool wrapped around
her voice and for her to speak,
he will set this object alight.

From Ink’s Shadow by Amaninder Kaur Khatkar