Poems during Lockdown

Sycamore seeds strewn
opening skies.

Fear walks openly
in different paths.

A second twilight
brings creatures and shadows.

A second moon
an eerie sleep.

On an island
a swan with her young.



Magpie paintbrush
Iridescent quill
the morning flowers
your resolute will.

Won’t you pause
treetop thicket
chk chk chking?

The fan of your tail
the gentle breeze
gloved fingers
brushing leaves.

Won’t you stop by
this window sill?

Lend me a feather
a touch of colour
just enough paint
for my finger nails.

April/May 2020


Soft bells
jasmine flower.

On a branch,
a grapefruit.

of white flower

Around the corner
the sun sets.



In a vase
red, cream and pink roses.

Apples formed
on the little tree.

In the past,
the trees and fences are tall.

The grape vine,
the shade.

A pavement passes
with a voice.

In the garden,
Ma answers.



Collecting the newspaper

Across the bridge
a park.

The train passes,
towards the south.

To the bench
and back.

Bindweed flowers
along the shade.



The night
made the child
the car.

The journey
made the child

Carried to bed
he turned to sleep.



Rain in the night.

Goldcrests played in the fir tree.

Fireflies that visited me.

Two steps ahead.


The sun washed up the dishes.

A tree cut down,
still behind.

The shade,
a speck in the eye.

The archway blooms
to wither in the sun

with roses
and sparrows.

We wash up
to float a little, imperceptibly.


[Poems by S.Ali]