A walk in the park – seeking a direction

By Jay

It’s turned cold now, here in the south of England. September stayed warm and, somehow, for me, there is a disbelief that winter is coming. Last night, it rained heavily. The puddle outside our house, by the garages, has expanded and no longer resembles Ireland.

I walk up the straight road, with the old people’s home and, then, the secondary school grounds on one side and the local store on the other. I see the green of the field between the slats in the fence. I think of the opportunity I turned down, as I look at my shoes. I’m wearing a cap to keep my unkempt hair out of sight.

I had been accepted on an English teaching assistant placement to work in a school in the German countryside. For two months, I had wrestled with what to do to. I had tried to imagine it – getting on the plane, taking a taxi and settling into my on-site accommodation and every scene was a struggle to imagine. I have never lived without family members, rarely cooked for myself and never worked in a school – and rarely been abroad by myself.

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