Falling from the sky with style

By CK; https://ck-sdays.com/

I am not a bold person. It’s true. For most of my life I have followed the path of least resistance like water. It’s funny though, it only took one decision to step outside my comfort zone to help me choose something some people call daring or brave or stupid. I’ve heard them all. Whatever you want to call it, this is how one trip outside the country eventually led to me parachuting out of a plane four years later.

To begin, I have always wanted to travel but always found an excuse not to. That excuse was namely finances. Too poor to travel. But four years ago, my friend was traveling abroad and she invited me. I decided to stop with the excuses and instead made it work.

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Private outdoor space – lifestyle preference and change

From https://mydysfunctionallifeblog.wordpress.com/

It’s going to be so glorious to have private outdoor space honestly. It’s something I got to have only growing up, in rural NY, and as an adult I really haven’t gotten to have at all. Living in apartments, duplexes, and townhomes, you don’t really get to have a private yard. There might be a yard, but it’s shared. There’s no privacy. There’s people and their kids being loud. Cars driving by, people walking by on the sidewalk really up close.

It’s awkward at times. Especially when I’m outside with my cat on a leash. Especially when Mormons come upon me sitting outside and I was too busy reading to notice them and run inside.

I just want my own outdoor space, secluded, where no one can bother me. At 32 years old I might finally get my own outdoor space and have it for the rest of my life. So that’s exciting.

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A walk in the park – seeking a direction

By Jay

It’s turned cold now, here in the south of England. September stayed warm and, somehow, for me, there is a disbelief that winter is coming. Last night, it rained heavily. The puddle outside our house, by the garages, has expanded and no longer resembles Ireland.

I walk up the straight road, with the old people’s home and, then, the secondary school grounds on one side and the local store on the other. I see the green of the field between the slats in the fence. I think of the opportunity I turned down, as I look at my shoes. I’m wearing a cap to keep my unkempt hair out of sight.

I had been accepted on an English teaching assistant placement to work in a school in the German countryside. For two months, I had wrestled with what to do to. I had tried to imagine it – getting on the plane, taking a taxi and settling into my on-site accommodation and every scene was a struggle to imagine. I have never lived without family members, rarely cooked for myself and never worked in a school – and rarely been abroad by myself.

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The Secret is to be Still – Golf and Social Exposure

By Eric – first published on his site.


I’ve made a decision to play more golf. As I’ve mentioned before, golf has been the one sport I simply can’t seem to get comfortable with. So, I’m going to make the commitment and put in the effort to become average. While becoming “average” doesn’t seem like much of a goal, it is when you’re struggling to get past awful. I’m not looking to shoot par, or join the senior tour. My desire is to be able to be paired up with any group and feel comfortable that I’m not going to embarrass myself.

So with this new plan to get better at golf, I made a little resolution to challenge myself and play golf three days in a row. What’s the big deal with that? Well, it meant going out as a single and probably being placed with a group of strangers. No only does that challenge my awkward social skills, it means embarrassing myself in front of strangers with my lack of golf skills. For you extroverts maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal. For us introverts, trust me it is.

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