‘Social Anxiety and the Gym’ – testing one’s capacity

Tanjirou Kamado by Anna Vanes

The blogger linked below shares her experience of developing from finding it difficult to even contemplate going to the gym, as an unfit mother of five with severe social anxiety, to going for a month, when she wrote the blog-post.

She was gently ‘pushed,’ as she explains, into going, as her “safety net” husband signed her up without her knowledge, leading to emotions of fear, anger and then guilt that she was wasting money by refusing to go.

A typical gym can be exposing and confusing for a new user with social anxiety. However, if one has the capacity to cope with the visual exposure and the unfamiliar equipment and set-up, a gym can also be a potentially safe and low intensity environment (depending on the clientele) to be around people, as only very minimal social interaction necessarily takes place, as people mostly focus on themselves and their exercise.

The blogger’s husband created a realistic opportunity for her to test her capacity and her fears. When she decided to take it, with preparation and courage, she learnt she had the capacity to prepare and cope – and, that the gym “is definitely not as judgmental as I thought it would be. It was truly a place where people want to see other people succeed. I am still struggling. There is no magic trick we just have to try.”

Image designed by Anna Vanes

To read the full blog-post, Social Anxiety and the Gym, click below.


Poetic Chaos

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”–Oscar Wilde

I have struggled with anxiety for years. It has crippled many relationships of mine. I am ok with letting people go because it is better than confrontation. I live a very lonely and isolated life. My husband is my person. My husband is my safety net. My husband knows all my fears. One day my husband signed me up for the gym. I could have died. I was so angry I shut down. I became a hermit for two weeks.

The thought of going to the gym terrified me. My thoughts began racing about all the ways I could mess this up or embarrass myself. I would build myself up all day. I would get pumped, today was the day until it was time to actually go then tomorrow became the day. Were my clothes the…

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