The Birds at Last! by Dionisio Ridruejo Jiménez

The birds at last! They settle in treetops
waiting for the leaves from the buds
on dark branches or proclaiming
blossom on the bushes with their
fountain of chirping chatter. Their shadow passes
changed into diamond needs
piercing the crystalline shimmer
of the already thin skin of the lakes.
The birds at last! The lovely fever
of the sky back at work as the earth
unburdens bodies and in their eyes
talks to herself once more or laughs and calls
all that nearly died.

Dionisio Ridruejo Jiménez


From Troubled Times, 20th Century Spanish Poets, Prospice 15, Edited/Translated by J.C.R. Green, Albert Rowe & Sandra MacGregor Hastie

Author: Workers' Archive

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