Poems from reality check – 28/11/20

Desire like concrete steps
and empty buildings.

Like tall trees
and descending.



Loss and lost wept
but did not hear
each other.

Window ajar
the cold air waits
with the singing robin.



In a house
shadow of a cat
tears rise and full
like midnight.



If you stand waiting
for a rendez vous
with your shadow
look for the window
below the white cornices
and roosting pigeons.

Await the figure
emerging from the station
who looks like the sun
and the moon.

And if you wait for yourself,
turn and re-enter the station
counting every step.



Pink olives at the gate
clouding the man’s eyes.

From the the path
beneath the oak
and poplar trees.

On the horizon
upon the branches
in the leaves.


Author: Workers' Archive

Covering sensitivity at work and beyond on my website: https://samuelaliblog.wordpress.com/

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