Poems from Walking – 24/10/20

There is a lake
in the park
where people sat.
Swans watched
and ducks trailed.
The children sped past
or hurled bread.
Night melted
and the sun shone.
Doves rested in a bush
and squirrels played in the shade.

Every day, a gathering of young skaters
with twirling teachers,
they skated and played
and when the time came
they packed their things
and went their ways.



Back to the wall
October’s question.

A hedgehog stopped
in the night.

An oil black crow

Heart of a dove
and two seagulls.

In the afternoon
the heron flies.



with sunlight

fallen leaves
beside the fence

red trees
blocks of flats

A spindle moon.



Starting in the middle
with shapes.

Flying before opening
these eyes.

Smiling as one who is afraid.



The corner
beneath the table

The shadow
meets the ceiling

The sunshine
finding me.



After school
the children play.

The sky turns over
red and gold.

Lowered heads
tall trees.


Author: Workers' Archive

Covering sensitivity at work and beyond on my website: https://samuelaliblog.wordpress.com/

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