Creative Writing Course – Poems

(Credit: Rebecca Siegel)

Describe your journey to the class:-

Rain-studded pavement
night flung open
broken thoughts.

Nibbled door, class underway,
his coat hanging on the wall
room of last week
re-arranged, missing.

This week
starts to read.


Write about someone who thinks that they are something that they are not:-

A river’s word,
we are gathered here,
ring of fates, dashed on rocks,
we try again, make it real,
homeless on the steps outside,
take her cup, fill it up,
hold it for the class,
for drunken moment, rise,
cast into the gutter in the night.

The wind howls,
there is singing.


Write about someone interacting with that person:-

The people who didn’t come back,
lost in the gaps,
gone to the Amazon, to Islington, to life,
riding the waves, talking to friends,
they who do not see the racket
walk by the ocean
have nothing to hide.



Our age of science and freedom
and depression; counselling
stopped by silence and not existing
showing must be telling,
the past an ebbing and flowing
imprisoned in the head.

Questions unlock selves
where no strength is left.
An invitation to collect your thought
from scattering heights.

(c) Samuel Ali, 2016

Author: Workers' Archive

Covering sensitivity at work and beyond on my website:

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